Our Story

Let us introduce ourselves and tell you how we built our first shepherd's hut

We are a couple from Transylvania, where the mountains touch the sky and the earth and the water at the same time, “and where the pines cling so deep to the old earth that no storm can tear them apart …”

“I am Attila and Transylvania is my home. I was raised at my fathers workspace and later my work as a carpenter brought me around a lot, to train my manual skills to mastery. And I know that there are many wonderful places in the world, but I feel happy to have grown up here and to call Transylvania my home. And that’s not all. The fact that Johanna joined me along my way and also found home here in the carpathian mountains is an indescribable gift for me.

Johanna is Austrian and grew up in Germany. She is a landscape architect and whatever she does is of beauty and highest quality, with precision and endurance.
And our joint work is based exactly on these skills, and is perhaps what we are most proud of: “integrating the harmony of nature, precision of our skills and handcrafted mastery” into each of our shepherd’s hut.”

Shepherd Hut door and windows

We have always loved nature – the freedom, energy and freshness – that is still the case today!

We spent every free moment outside. We invited our friends and relatives to share this fantastic feeling of nature away from hectic everyday life and to spend time there with our loved ones. We often spent whole meals outside, but when it was time to say goodbye to wilderness in the evening, there always left an empty space. And so a dream popped up, a goal:
no more goodbyes in the evening…so we created a nature-friendly, mobile shepherd’s hut – a space so versatile excited us. The feeling that this space and the building process could give us was uncredible.

And ever since then we were building!

We´d like to use all our strength and inspiration for this! Building such shepherd’s huts for our customers is a unique, personalized and unique miracle, in which your very own ideas can become true.
And why is it unique? We say: because our heart and soul are in all our products and you can feel it.